Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker



Why So Serious?


5 Responses to “JoKeR!!!!!!!”

  1. umm you again??? btw im known as samantha…

  2. joker whoever u are please stop. this is getting old now. how old are u little creep anyway? i find it incredibly immature and u need to go find something useful to do instead of wasting ur time (not to mention ours) hacking sites.

  3. hello can u pleasee syop hacking y r u hacking anyways what has r2 dne to u???

  4. he wasn’t even hacking you phaaaaareaks. someones gotta be updating this thing cause it says “candy apple hidden lake” and that pin wasn’t that long agooooooo!!!!!! i miss birbble ); we had so much memories there. and zachs banning spree’s. and juicy drama. ):

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