Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Full Control! :)

I’am now in full in full control of the site I got R2DP’s password changed and  got rid of everyone! Make your final comments because this site will have its final breath at noon tomorrow. HAHAHAHAH R2DP….. why so serious?!…..HAHAHAHAHAHA, this has been real fun, just guessing r2’s password for the last 10 months, wow! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


141 Responses to “Full Control! :)”

  1. STOP! Please!! Will we ever get to talk to our friends again?

  2. stop joker maybe we can talk this out come on bribble and we’ll talk


  4. cpperson… get laid you little twat

  5. wow zach u and joker on the chat have the same ip. i wonder who it is.. oh lets see maybe u? also this joke isnt funny or serious

  6. well you suck
    a lot

  7. lets see zach is out of the piicture madz is that leaves only two people cpperson and matt somebody tell me who teh heck it is

  8. I tried my best u guys, he’s come up with a far more elaborate password then last time, I’am very sorry 😦 this is a very sad day….

  9. Shut the h*** up hacker, or should I day, CPPERSON. I know it’s you, I just do, ok? (Because you said that you were the hacker before.) You quit the game, BIG WUP! I did to, and I’m not going to be a lazy fat A** and sit around wasting my f***ing life away trying to hack a mother f***ing password. Just put it back, forget you ever played the game, and GET ON WITH YOUR F****ING LIFE!
    P.S: Hacking is for people with no life. Is really is. (Just like blogging just to get your name out there! :D)

  10. You know what cpperson? Just give me the password, and leave. I mean, come on! Look inside you! You’re still the same! Sure, you hide it, but I am begging you, DO WHAT’S RIGHT! I’ve done things just as bad as hacking, (Wait, I HAVE hacked before…) and I always suffer. Fine, blow the site away, but it will only hurt YOU.

  11. I give up, my words have ALWAYS been meaningless 😦 *Sigh* I only know of one person who could possible…. Oh, forget it. They hacked ROBLOX, not Club Penguin or wordpress 😦 I guess we’ve been screwed from the begging. Check that; from the second R2DP even wished to make a site. Check that again; from the second I showed R2DP Club Penguin. If it wasn’t for me, R2DP never would have joined CP, because he would have thought it was stupid because only one person that he knew of (Macaroni Jim) would have showed him. Although this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, (OK OK! 3rd stupidest) If I must, I will take full blame If the site is deleted. (Even though I didn’t hack the site.) The reason I’m doing the 3rd stupidest thing is because I fell I truly owe everyone for my sins, and by taking the blame, it will hopefully take some stress off of everyone else.

  12. Please cpperson, I’m BEGGING you! I really am! I’m almost crying !(I SAID ALMOST!) So please, just do one thing: Remember. Remember the good times. anything that reminds you of the fun times we had not just on CP, but also the funny chats we had on bribble!

  13. Hell cpperson, Hell. Welcome to it. I mean, you’re going to destroy OWR hard word? be a fucking jerk? WELL!? HUH!?!?!

  14. its my birthday today woot

  15. its ok all u need is some love its ok im here for u

  16. WOW cpperson… 10 months trying to hack my site? Go ahead and delete it for all I care nobody comes here anymore anyways and what’s with the stupid joker crap

  17. nobody told me happy birthday yesterday on the site 😦

  18. aww happy late birthday limp! and srry for thinkin ur the joker r2 and as for u cpperson GO DIE IN A FUCKIN HOLE!

  19. r2dp, can easily change his password. idk why he isnt though

  20. OH YEAH! lost password thing, lol, you can suck it cpperson I’m getting this back! 😛

  21. ok i reset the password but i logged in and i can’t manage the cpfanatic blog for some reason, I’ll figure this out

  22. I’m trying to contact wordpress but those lazy support guys are’unavailable’ until friday

  23. oh yeah and it says im the joker above because i signed into the account, but for some reason cpperson made it so nobody can control it

  24. i don’t know what he did, but i don’t think my account owns the site anymore

  25. ha cpperson u lied, u put dat post on the 9th and it is the 12th! guess wat! the site isnt down!!!!!! u were never going to shut the site down 😀 hehehehe u weirdo

  26. hey cpperson ur a fucking noob for hacking my buddy r2s site and were gonna stopyou one way or another and if your not down with that we’ve got TWO WORDS FOR YA

    (suck it!)


  28. and if your not down with that we’ve got TWO WORDS FOR YA

  29. piss off mofo! and happy late birfdy to u limp!

  30. i cant help but laugh at this pathetic little kid… spending 10 months looking at gay porn and trying to guess r2dp’s password. isn’t it sad? i bet his mommy wouldnt be happy if she knew that he was hacking websites.. i bet hes so fat that he cant even locate his own dick. maybe he can locate his dads, being that he sees it and touches it on a daily basis. but definitely not his own. so have fun cpperson. but in the end… your the fat kid everyone laughs at in that kindergarten class of yours.

  31. I know R2’s password too.

  32. 🙂 ‘definitely not his own’ LOL!!

  33. I know R2’s password too.

    Zzztops – October 15, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    who the fuck r u

  34. wow zee three left tons comments….
    what a cool cat =D

    haha u guys get so worked up over this…
    if zach or whatever who the hell this “joker” person is, if they had r2’s pass they would have demodded everyone and deleted the site by now..

  35. thts what i was wonderin

  36. Cpperson’s only goal was to hack the site and make us look bad. Knowing him, he’s most likely busy right now.

  37. Oh, and the fack he’s a bitch. 😀 (No offence to any girls.)

  38. so can u hack this damn site bak or not

  39. I don’t know if anybody is going to read this, as it seems you have a crisis on your hands. However, I feel this must be said. I take great honor that you included my name, even though I was not an owner for that long. I thank you, this blog originally started my passion for writing blogs, that has set my future down this past. I am now writing a political/news blog (www.ourglobetoday.com). If it wasn’t for this site, I might not have that blog now. I will always have great memories from my Club Penguin days and I thank you for all of this.

  40. Hey smart one, this site isn’t posted on anymore read the pots below, who hacks a abandoned site?

  41. wow, CRAZY stuff’s been going on here, huh?Plz, Joker, don’t be a douchebag. And, no one ever seems to go on here anyways, so why don’t you go masturbate or something? Oh, wait you don’t have anything to do it with! =p

    ~Sir Jorge Bo

  42. do u guys want this site back? ill help u!

  43. Guys dont worry!
    Have you noticed how he hasnt shut down the site. I know sumone who is a pro hacker 🙂

  44. Listen asshole. i am a pro hacker along with masterclass! you shut down this site and…well lets just say we have plenty of trojans and we know your IP Address

  45. shu the fuck up ok we dont really give a shit anymore noone ever comes on this anymorre

  46. hmm smartie then how come the chat’s still there????

  47. ok im bored of hiding! i hacked this site. i was hacked but r2 didnt give me a chance to explain about the banning spree. So i took revenge and i will tear this site apart.

  48. wow zach seriously you posted tht now we dont give a shit anymore

  49. Anyone else find this kind of funny? seriously zach… how long are you going to keep this up. OHMIGOD! You went on banning sprees…. we dont care anymore. you could keep this up and waste your time… or you can man up and just give r2 back his sit. your call bud…e

  50. exactly wat i said blc

  51. I see now. ZackChevy knew about cpperson hacking the site, and knew that we did to. Therefore, by hacking R2DP’s account (and knowing cppersons hacking was 10 months before he hacked R2DP), he could easily put the blame on cpperson. Why? Revenge. Quite like me at points. His anger to everyone grew, it grew so much that he took it to the next level. One not even I would go to. Though I must admit, the kicking everyone of the site was a nice touch. Yes, you now, like all of us, have admitted defeat. You may have one more chance at this. It is not even hard. Simply, give me the password you made you use to hack R2dp and then, well, I can restore everything that I can. To give me the password, meet me on bribble at a time that we can both get on at and PM me it.
    (Man, I think I typed a lot, again! XD ) ~ZeeThree

  52. dannnng z3. just go on bribble like everyday. zach’s always on, no joke. oh and everyone rly doesnt give a crap, but it’ll still be nice to get the site back. peace out =P.

    SJB’s got what u need!
    ~ Sir Jorge Bo

  53. yea Z3 come on back on bribble i miss you peace in dudes

    LBV30 and SJB got what you need

  54. bribble is somehow unavalable soooo this chat is our new chat its the chillout http://bribble.chatserv.nl/8827

  55. lol fufe eriously??? 10 months?? LOL get a life 😀

  56. XD, “LBV30 and SJB got what you need”!!! true though…if u kno wat i mean *winks*

  57. Who the heck hacked this. I haven’t played the gay ass game club penguin in 3 years due to my computer breaking. I don’t know who hacked it but should stop pissing his pants and clean his vagina. And get his finger out of his pulsing bunghole and stop masturbating

  58. What the he’ll, what happenedman who hacked you

  59. Who bids for my account, I forgot my penguin but yeah. Man I’m glad I stopped this shit. 3 years and non of you guys grew up. Come on seriously I did not think you guys were serious about playing cp and blogging. That’s depressing

  60. Cpfanatic, tell me your email that you use for wordpress and I could recover a new pass word and change this dudes password

  61. Man I read these comments and damn what’s up? Cpperson is my user name and blog who the fuck coppied me? Seriously and how do you know this coppied is called cpperson. What’s up?

  62. cpperson u hacked this site u bitch

  63. I don’t hack fucker my only Internet is an itouch Ihow would I hack. And plus I haven’t done your little blogging thing so I haven’t even got on his webpage in a long time



    -Madzhidov,the captain of The Club Penguin MythBusters(cpmb.tk)& JohnSenor.

  66. hmmm i was just reading thru these.. memories u could say i dont get how r2 commented and how he was on his own site if he couldnt have the time to change his password.. -_- this bothers me plus.. THE BRIBBLE SHUT DOWN TODAY! D=

  67. Someone give a legit reason why you think it’s me

  68. r2dp monkeybug z3 blc comes to the chillout heres the lnik


    ps bribble is gone

  69. cpperson, someones obviously disguising themselves as you, no duh. we just have to find whos who.

  70. Hahaha, Stupid Hacker….

    As far as I’ve known. I know im “Inactive” but its not what y’all think. I’m 100% Active on cpfanatic. But it has come to me to post here for my reactions;
    1. We dont give a damn fuck if you deleted this site
    2. What kind of sick person are you? 10 months? Pffffft… You…Have no life.
    3. From the fact that no one still knows you, You’re a lucky bastard.
    4. We’ve grown mature, unlike you.
    5. It’s just a minute away to create a website (If you dont care about the hits)
    6. You can’t really delete this site for the fact that you are too scared about it.
    7. Of course I’m shocked this site got hacked…..It’s POINTLESS. What the hell were you thinking?

    That’s some of the reasons why you are dumb.

  71. Oh no,not this time(Maybe)OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!
    This happened to me once.Not this time!

  72. Hi, I really love your site here is mine: http://coolie887.wordpress.com

  73. Wow…. this is just sad! At least this site got like 4 years! Good times guys!

  74. Seeing that no one seems to want this site, I’m so bored that I’ll take it. Who ever the hacker is, can I please have the cpfanatic account password you made so I can atleast post a link to another site on here? Just comment the pass on this post.

  75. Also, if people READ THE COMMENTS, they would notice that Zach Chevy hacked the site, NOT cpperson.

  76. And I agree, Monkeybug! Great times!

  77. ok im bored of hiding! i hacked this site. i was hacked but r2 didnt give me a chance to explain about the banning spree. So i took revenge and i will tear this site apart.

    ZachChevy – November 30, 2009 at 11:51 am

    Yeah, you know ZachChevy, you never TRIED to explain. Oh, and you could have by making a post, or leaving a comment. If you have, we would have found out, then everything would be OK. You only made YOUR life worse. Now give me the damned password. Or, I could have you hacked, have your intenet deleted, and memmory wiped clean. So if you think your in the big seat, mine is 100 times more powerful.

    (I’ve noticed that this whole joker thing HAS brought us all back together though…)

  78. Hey, ZachChevy dude thing, truthfully I would listen to Zee Three and just give him the stupid password. He has more experience, you haven’t done anything to this site except make like 2 posts, and your being stupid. S-T-U-P-I-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This used to be an awesome site and you’ve done nothing but get a lot of people mad at you. So just give up and get a life.
    Love Always,
    monkeybug22 ❤

  79. Why are you doing this joker. I will ban your penguin if you have one. Give the password to the owner of this site (other person) and you will not get baned. How would you like it if you got hacked and some day you will lose something thats yours and it will be gone.

  80. um who r u

  81. z3 monkeybug sjb its geat to hear you guys againn

  82. Very nice site! [url=http://ypxoiea.com/qyrvqq/2.html]is it yours too[/url]

  83. Very nice site! is it yours too http://ypxoiea.com/qyrvqq/4.html

  84. limp, you still go on that chillout thingymabob?
    i honestly barely go on.
    but im over the whole cpfanatic thing, it doesnt look this is going anywhere. so hit me up on youtube if you need to talk.

    SJB’s STILL got what u need!

  85. Cp people who are on this website don’t let the joker(WTF???) bring you down just start a new website or take my old one and start doing something else. So it the joker(WTF!!!!111111oneoneone) will not feel badass cause no one will give a rats ass about this website. Just trying to help and keep up the good blogging work you have always done.
    Your old cp friend

  86. Wow, somebody needs a life. Like seriously, you spent 2 months trying to get this password. What, did your last cow girlfriend dump you and you’ve been wanting to impress her? Well you’re just desperate. I guess you’re like 21 right?

  87. LOL, fun stuff

  88. Wow what a nerd-ass dork

  89. you know not to be mean or anything but i honestly agree with you cpperson but now these guys are all washed up they are done i doubt tht R2 will ever make a site again considering the computer hacker zach destroyed R2s purity and sjb i barely go on the chillout anymore either i quit the chat like a year ago or something i go on the chillout once in a while just to see my friends again i aint a mod anymore but when i was a mod my pass was orange what a stupid ass password

  90. ok not to be mean to R2dp or any of the cpfanatic staff or fans but why couldn’t R2dp just make another fucking account and its pretty obvious that zach (who i hope died by now) did this cus lemme take you all back in time to a former site called planetclubpenguin it was shut down due to my name (MrAss) so zach hacked my account and changed the password last time i tried to get it back he said “Lets have a banning contest” and i declined so R2 by the time you read this i’ll be 16 probably if anyone needs to contact me do it at my profile at facebook my name is Josh Brokus thank you for your time

    SJB Limp still got what you need

  91. Hey Z3 if you do hack zach get his wordpress password so i can have mine back

  92. Hey guys; my cp days have been done for a while now. I now do alot of other things:P
    I wass checking back for old times sake. and i was seriously disappointed that this is still going on. i dont care anymore though. Im glad to have been included in this site and i will never forget any of the people i’ve met here on Cpfanatic and clubpenguin. i hope to hear from you all in the future:]

    Add me on aim; so we can talk if you want

    Add me on facebook as well if you want; but ill only tell my name to people who ask on aim:P

  93. I think that this is a sign that cp is no longer suitable for us. We have all out grown it and I just wanted to check this site out and yes cpfanatic’s site is over now and since that all of our cp times are over. Even though I quit 3 years ago I still think it was fun for the record. And yes I got for the record from the mw2 campaign

  94. Holy Fucking Shit I remember these days i Havent played cp in like 3 years guys rember me holy shit i cant beleive this . idk what made me come on but do any of you guys have x box live

  95. blc whats ur name on faccebook i hav one

  96. I have a facebook too

  97. I own xbox live

  98. OMG WAZZZ UP PPL???? I wonder if anyone remmebers me, and i can still see tht no one managed to take the site bck. But i think someone should create another site so tht we can still chat and post about cp.


  100. Facebook: Mikey GoRawr Demeo
    AIM: Mkydem@aol.com
    Playstation Network: GoSxEterniity
    Addddd meee[:
    [If you add me; tell me who it is:D
    Like if you add me on facebook, send me a message saying who you are, same with ps3 and aim:D]

  101. your n00b mama

  102. Fuck you Cpperson! I mean, fuck you 4ever! 😦 Go die in a fucking jail cell!

  103. sup guys i can’t remember the last time i played club penguin or went on this site but everyone just forget about the stupid hacking im over it whetehr it was cpperson or not but bo lil i searched your name on facebook and couldn;t find it mines Zachary Evers and if anyone has xbox live im everssix so just add me

  104. sup everyone i can’t remember when i last went to this site but i think everyone should forget about the hacking and stuff i got over it whether its cpperson or not but bo lil i searched your facebook and couldnt find it mines Zachary Evers and my xbox live is Everssix for whoever cares

  105. shit thought the first comment didnt go through

  106. hey r2dp almost been to long ever since we talked well you can chat with me anytime by finding me on facebook just click my name to go to my profile

  107. lhn555 suck my balls and lick my titty, why are you ripping on my I do not have a beef with you do I. Why are you so mad at me dude brah, but yeah R2DP I swear it was not me, I remember quitting this game so do not point fingers at me. But someone should make a new site of this called cpfanatic 1 or something if you still care about blogging. BTW I have a xbox live account i own shit

  108. …what’s going on here?

  109. noo dont i want m friends!

  110. Rest in peace cpfanatic… Rest in peace…


  111. Hey guys,
    I don’t remember the last I played either I have Xbox live now I game with R2DP all the time, and I honestly don’t give a crap about who hacked it’s not like its the end of the world. anyways my gamertag is kerber114 so add me or send me a message if u give a shit at all. MacaJim out! see ya in another life 🙂

  112. If anyone asks if we remember them I remember basically everyone who ever visited but my fav is Si Jorge Bo (muh homie)

  113. LOL I hope none of us really care about this now…I mean this website was fun back in ’07-’08, but it’s time to grow up (no offense to any of you guys).

    Anyways, if ya want to contact me, the best place to add me is on Quake Live or Steam. My Quake Live name is 3Dimensional, and my Steam name is DimensionalRift or 3-Dimensional, either one.

    Right now, I’m currently playing Team Fortress 2, CrossFire, and Quake Live, if any of you want to check me out there.

  114. Wassuh SJB. Long time no talk. Yeah I am pretty bored right now decided to check up on this post becuz bitches seem to keep going back to it. Screw cp, me and Mac have moved on to xbox live, add us Everssix and Kerber114. Even thinking about starting up a youtube, so it would be just like what we did with this game but tips and tricks for Call of duty. I game way too much on thaat, and im pretty good now. So anyway yeah just thought id check in for the first time in a few months. Whats up everybody?

  115. Sup yo, remember me?

  116. What you know bout gaming? add me me and R2DP on Xbox live kerber114 & everssix!

  117. wow, people are still commenting on this? geez… anyways I’m on xbox live (ManInBlack815) and youtube (BoardwalkTheater) as well. I dunno my brother and friend were doing it. Just came back to this site cuz I had nothing else to do and I was feeling a little nostalgic.

  118. tracerbullet add greenthunder96 thts my xbox live name

  119. He had fans fame glory, but why do you you want to hack this poor guy???
    He join to be the best!

  120. Coldfreeze is here I miss u guys :'[

  121. um… bitch shut the fuck up joker bitch

  122. I remember this,old times. I doubt you’d remember me RD2P,etc everyone eles, I use to go on chat and became cool…sad too see how this site has gone to after years. :/

  123. wowoowowow, i remember this.

  124. Holy shit, I came on this site today. So much damn memories and my stupidity. Its been 4 years. We should have a reunion or something. I actually miss everyone that was on Bribble. We should play CPYS its like a CP where you could swear. RIP CpFanatic.

  125. is anyone alive?

  126. Holy shit, its been ages. If you wanna find me I have Twitter/instagram
    Twitter: random_brownguy
    Instagram: Abishey

  127. Yo guys hmu on twitter sometime to catch up. @durling34 I have XBL but I don’t go on that often anymore.

  128. What’s up dudes, damn it’s been a long-ass time. We all need to have a little reunion sometime soon…

  129. wow, fucking nostalgic lol. hope one of you guys sees this, i’m down for a chat reunion or something!

    HMU on instagram @j2loo or snapchat @j0el2l

  130. Decided to come back after a long ass time.. been like about 6/7 years or so? I dunno.. I doubt any of you remember me but I used to go on the chat all the time here and hang out with you guys on Club Penguin.. went by the name of Ivan08 or Pen247 I’m not entirely sure.. I was taking a nap and I just remembered about this so I decided to come on and see this.. ouchy. Anyways ello’ to everyone, only ones I remember were R2DP, Macaroni and Sir Jorge Bo.

  131. Anyone alive?

  132. Someone hit me up.
    ig: abishey
    twitter: abizhey
    Needa have a reunion!

  133. Hey everybody! R2DP here. If anyone stumbles back onto this site in nostalgia like many of us have, Macaroni Jim, Sir Jorge Bo, Coldfreeze and I are trying to put together a CPFanatic reunion chat on WhatsApp. If you were one of the people who hung out on Bribble with the whole gang and want to reconnect, message me on snapchat zacharyevers and let me know who you are. Me and Macajim are working on recovering the site for old times sake. It was sad to see what happened to the site but I feel as though most of us were at a crossroads of our lives where club penguin was no longer a great interest and needed to move on to bigger things. I was only 9 when I started this site and something like 11 when the whole thing went tits up with the “Joker.” Looking back on it, if I wasn’t a stupid 11 year old kid I probably could have figured out how to get the site back. Anyways, I’m 17 now and it’s been ages since any of this was a real part of our lives. It would be nice to reconnect with some of you because I did consider many of you great friends.

  134. ^^ If you want to join our WhatsApp chat, message me on Instagram or Snapchat. I posted my info above and you guys are free to follow and add me

  135. whats up guys its so crazy to see all this stuff. Its been almost 10 years. oh does time fly by… hmu up on twitter @durling34

  136. Hihi, just dropping back in again since it’s been a while. Just want to know if any of ya’ll rekindled? Anyways, if interested add me on Skype at neogalaxyeyes. 🙂

  137. This site was reallg close with me growing up, for 2 years, if anyone reads this feel free to contact me
    ig : abishey
    twitter: abizhey

  138. Its crazy that I still to this day come back here… Over ten years ago wow I feel so old. Hope everyone is doing well

  139. Fluffypuppet, Marykate, Lauren, Thunder, Zoe, Yaz, Blessing, Ast, Ali, Clayton, Joe, Adam, !! damn memoriessss

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