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Full Control! :)

October 9, 2009

I’am now in full in full control of the site I got R2DP’s password changed and  got rid of everyone! Make your final comments because this site will have its final breath at noon tomorrow. HAHAHAHAH R2DP….. why so serious?!…..HAHAHAHAHAHA, this has been real fun, just guessing r2’s password for the last 10 months, wow! […]


October 9, 2009

Why So Serious? And if any…one has any words before this site goes down…notify me! 🙂


October 9, 2009

I’m back!!!!! you didn’t think I’d go down with out a fight did ya, hehehehehehe, and this time I hacked R2DP’s password and now I have more power than before, hahahahahahahahahahahaha Why So Serious!?