Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Comeback Poll ***UPDATED BY R2DP***

Hey this is r2 and I just wanted you all to know 2 things. Number one I’m glad that most of you think i was the best owner and 2, as I said I might return so try to check back every month or so to see if I’m back. Now here’s macajim’s post.

Hey Guys Macajim Here,

For those of you who dont know me I’m Macaroni Jim R2DP’s real life friend probably one of his best friends, and was the first to join the site after R2DP. The sit will no longer be posted on and we want to know who you liked the best!



28 Responses to “Comeback Poll ***UPDATED BY R2DP***”

  1. In my opinion Zach Chevy was the worst!

  2. R2 Z3 Maca jim and BLC were the best

    but who the heck is Yuille 38 Banditbud777 and Tracerbullet but zach is the worse owner ever he should not only be demodded but kicked off this site and banned on this site and on cpss so he can never annoy us again and someone should hack his computer and shut down all of his blogs and stuff he is so mean

    Vote For
    Macaroni Jim
    ZeeThree and
    Bo lil cenas

  3. vote whoever you want just NOT zach

  4. dude zach shouldnt be up there he sucks!!!

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  6. wow.. also who’s yuille, banditbud, and tracerbullet?

  7. ok people im tracerbullet. I can tell your all noobs cuz u don’t know eho I am. I’m macajims older brother and saved this iste from the Joker Hacker earlier this year and I’ve done a lot of stuff over the past few years. So ya, and i’m pretty sure my about me under the staff page is still there. and well…. thats it.

  8. ok i didn’t correctly spell your i mean’t to type you’re and who instead of eho.

  9. and site, dang whats wrong with my typing….





  13. ok tracer the joker was NOT earlier this year it was earlier last year and its ABOUT time you come out of the shadows

    and yes zach is an asshole when hes not angry that is heh heh

  14. VOTE FOR ME!!! oh wait im not on there. i keep quitting freakin cp and then i come back…so confusing. it’s like an ADDICTION

    SJB’s got what u need!©

    l remember that?

  15. Macajim people are randomly banning me and I’m not a mod and this is bull! UNBAN ME!!!! ZachChevy was randomly f’ing banning people!!!!!!

    SJB’s got what u need!©

  16. go zach! he can sometimes be mean but hes hilarious and he is so mean sometimes that hes cool! LOL!

  17. ok zach is pretty good, but he can be so random when he bans, so please zach, stop banning ppl for no reason!!! ur a good mod ur just, randomly banning ppl! so anyway thx for ur time readin this stupid message 🙂


  19. def person very very awkward

  20. shit forgot to put my website on a video

  21. ok this is the last comment maybe ok its not but well god i forgot what i was going to say shit

  22. i love mr…im not tellin who i am

  23. if zach is owner hes gonna let bribble die

  24. hope you come back R2DP and become owner again i really missed the good ol days with you on bribble please come back and plz become owner again

  25. omg omg omg omg omg… atrongdogentertainment is… idk… but i still went for zach because he is awesomeness.

  26. i say limp is demodded (:
    he has anger issues and a mental disability
    he is not fit to be a mod

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