Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Zach Chevy, Banning spree…

check out what zachchevy did.Zachisanasshole

I KNOW that im not the only one who thinks he should be demodded


47 Responses to “Zach Chevy, Banning spree…”

  1. CRIES DONT LEAVE ME jk bye dude and tell ur bro to stop cussing

    I say their should be another poll of who should be modded

  3. Zach’s a nice guy, it’s just that he needs to stop banning people for no reason, as that’s dead annoying. AND I’m sure it hasn’t happened to ONLY me.

  4. r2 i think u made alot of mistakes on making people mods, i think you should demod EVERYONE and start fresh.

  5. He banned for no reason i just came too ask if anyone got a teddy bear at the fair I came on then “POP” Its say U have just been Banned u probably ticked off a mod and some some…. Zach SHOULD!!!!!! Be Unmodded

  6. He bans me I know why -_- 1. Hes cousin bans me dats y he bans me 2. Limp called him a jerk on MY site and limp acctully ruined IT!

    Zach chevy Shuld be unmodded 4EVER!!!!

  7. U did GOOD thing unmoding Limp 😉

  8. he was remodded cold LOL also wow.. nice comments pplz..

  9. LOL Y!!!!!!

  10. Start Fresh! UNMOD EVERY! then i have a list that DESERVE too be a MOD! 😉
    2.Horsey Rocks
    5.bo Lil Cenas

    ONLY 5 MODS! Everyone shud agree that Dont ban for no reason…. Or kick no raeson NO BANNIN SPREE!! 😉 ok Now bye

  11. zach chevvy, EVIL!!! hes a stupid mod who deserves to be demodded!! he is the worst mod EVER!

  12. okay cold you have a totally awful list right there.

  13. cold keep in mind ur 8….im sure you wouldn’t make the best choices and ur like rarely ever on.

  14. I agree with stacie. and cold, whats up with the comment overload? u like made 9 comments or something..

  15. holy *bleep* i wonder what teh *bleep* was wrong this *bleep* *bleep* thing god *bleep* lol

  16. zach has banned jake hamz rach and mee over n over.. :O and just banned summer..

  17. banning spree…

  18. zach banned me because i knew his password 😦 he should be unmodded right now!!! he called me an ass hole! i hate him. popman97 deserves to be a mod instead of zach!!! here is a poem of zach chevy,

    zach chevy sucks.

    oh you know what im good with just that!

  19. OH EM GEE OH EM GEE! It’s Samantha the HACKER. ZOMG! :O 😀

  20. hey the last comment i made on sep 12 wasnt me some ASS did it!

  21. Well, cold, it does serve u right cuz ur kinda annoying people now.

  22. OMG YES YES YES and I have been waiting for a mod position so please please please make me the new mod i will treat ppl nicely

  23. I think nickie should be demodded and summer because she threatened me (NerdieNickie: yeah bitch if u ever ban stacie multiple times again i will
    kick ur ass) and they are really rude

  24. NerdieNickie: yeah bitch if u ever ban stacie multiple times again i will
    kick ur ass <<< DEMOD DEMOD DEMOD

  25. NerdieNickie: yeah bitch if u ever ban stacie multiple times again i will
    kick ur ass

  26. NerdieNickie: yeah bitch if u ever ban stacie multiple times again i will
    kick ur ass DEMOD THE DEMON

  27. NerdieNickie: yeah bitch if u ever ban stacie multiple times again i will
    kick ur ass <———– DEMOD DEMOD DEMOD

  28. says the girl who went under my name and banned stacie several times. yeah you kinda leave the whole story out. everyone knows ur not the innocent one madi. and trust me no one would want you to be a mod except maybe rach? so good luck with that. and yes i threaten people who ban my friends for no reason =]

  29. Your name shouldn’t be Nerdienickie it should be Nerdiebitchie cuz that’s how you are (:

  30. madi i love your way with words. that was catchy and accurate. good job if only you did that well in school. and if you really knew correct english it would be bitchienickie instead of nerdiebitchie. but its ok atleast you were able to type a few words correctly. next time you’ll get a sticker for being so god damn smart!

  31. madi i’m sorry hun, but nerdiebitchie wouldnt work because for one thing it like doesnt rhyme or have the same letter. because thats wat we were trying to get at..so think of something more creative next time. and also, i can NOT believe you have the guts to say YOU should be modded and nickie DEmodded. i mean thats just so stupid….nickies like one of the bestest mods on here. and why would u get modded? i mean seriously, think about it. you went on nickies name and banned me multiple times, when i didnt even do anything. so if you were modded…omigod that would be hell for the whole chat. and r2dp is NOT that stupid to let whore’s and bitches be mods….so you keep doing your wishful thinking (;

  32. oh wow tht was a long comment. yay me (:

  33. id probably make the best mod(:

  34. yeah sure froggy LOL

  35. yes froggy defiantly. LOL

  36. haha madi sed i threatened her but she didnt have proof =D

  37. zach has been unmodded… but i think he was an awesome mod! it was just other people who went on his name who took banning sprees! well i think i havent collected enough evidence!!! LOL!!! so anyway zach should be remodded!!!!!! plz r2 remod zach

  38. wow…. I think he just got BORED.

  39. um… it says he ban himself????

  40. HAHAHAH i looooooooved reading this. nickie and madi’s fight and all that. i typed really weird back then.

  41. why in the hell do i still get messages from this ! it’s so LAAAAAME !

  42. Madi if u read this, email me even though u hate me. zach.chevy@yahoo.com we are trying to get a reunion type thing going.

  43. No.
    i have a life.

  44. Lol, it appears he banned himself… Look at the last name he banned.

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