Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

PARTY AT www.planetclubpenguincp.wordpress.com GO THERE FOR DETAILS


2 Responses to “PARTY AT www.planetclubpenguincp.wordpress.com GO THERE FOR DETAILS”

  1. wow this website is full of spider webs and dust

  2. ok, even tho this has nothing to do with party, but limp needs b demodded cuz 1 madz is banning us cuz hes foocking bored. then ppl from teh chillout know limp’s pass. and they won’t stop banning any1. they been doing this for like two hours.and its foocking ANNOYING!. there was like 10 ppl on then evey1 got banned n im tired of unbanning ppl. and its not funny. even tho clayton from teh chillout thinks its funny. soo, ya.

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