Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

PARTY AT www.planetclubpenguincp.wordpress.com

Hello Everyone!!!  Since We Got 77 Viewers Total In The First Day Of Launch, We Are Gonna Have A HUGE Party With A Radio Station, A Chat Box, And Lots And Lots Of Fun!!!  You Can’t Miss It!!!  Your Probably Looking For All The Information RIght Now But It Is Not Announced Yet!!!  Heres The Deal- It’s Either Gonna Be This Weekend, Or Next Weekend.  Hopefully This Weekend!!!  Limp And I Will Be Adding Everyone Requesting To Be A Buddy Unless Our List Is Full So Don’t Be Late!  I Will Tell Everyone The Date And Time Sometime This Thursday Or Friday.  The Server Will Be Announced 10 Minutes Before The Party Officially Starts.  And Make Sure You Check Here During The Party Because I Will Be Having A Radio And Chatbox!!!  You may also be able to play club penguin on here so get your party                                                        hats out and start preparing for Planet Club Penguin’s Very First Party Ever!!!



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