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FAll Fair Comin Soon!

August 31, 2009

Hey Everyone!  The Fall Fair Is On It’s Way! ~ZC lol that was a stupid post BUT I WAS BORED Advertisements

Coming back…maybe

August 20, 2009

R2DP here. I’ve been missing doing the blog business lately, and I think I am coming back sometime in fall (Just like last year =P).  I went on a few days ago, saw the party, thought it was pretty fly, (haha get it? flight party? fly? XD). Also, in Bribble I changed my name back […]

PARTY AT www.planetclubpenguincp.wordpress.com GO THERE FOR DETAILS

August 15, 2009

PARTY AT www.planetclubpenguincp.wordpress.com

August 12, 2009

Hello Everyone!!!  Since We Got 77 Viewers Total In The First Day Of Launch, We Are Gonna Have A HUGE Party With A Radio Station, A Chat Box, And Lots And Lots Of Fun!!!  You Can’t Miss It!!!  Your Probably Looking For All The Information RIght Now But It Is Not Announced Yet!!!  Heres The […]