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Music Jam 09, A new Color, And the Penguin Band Returns!

Hey Guys. Bo Lil Cenas Here.
Im really pumped for the Music Jam. Looks like a lot of fun. Especially since the Penguin Band is returning. And this time… All new instruments!

And in the newspaper… I was very surprised. A new color vote is going to take place soon! July 24th – 29th.
Our choices are…
Lavendar, Maroon, And Aqua.
I edited a picture to give you guys a little hint on what the colors will look like on your penguin to help you decide.
Im voting for maroon because…
Lavender is useless for guys.
Aqua is pretty much the same thing as light blue.
Maroon is unique and used for both Guys, And girls

Thats it for now. See Ya Guys!


4 Responses to “Music Jam 09, A new Color, And the Penguin Band Returns!”

  1. make a post bout it!

    im having a party SERVER: fjord day: towwmorow Place: dock Time: 2 PST

    OH yeah GONNA BE ON UTUBE!!!

  2. blc plz remove zachchevy from the mods on bribble

  3. why the pinguins so sad

  4. Im sooo happy Aqua won! I got clubpenguin on my site… http://luhy.wordpress.com/games/ tell me if you like it! 🙂

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