Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker



Banning Sprees Of SuperSummerWell there you go.  Please demod



46 Responses to “HELP R2 WE NEED YOU!!!”

  1. ok listen here, cuz this gayfer man whroe slut skanky bitch douche bag dick licker has it all wrong. this fucking ass hole has been bannign multiple people for no fucking reason. this guy needs to be demodded right away cuz summer is not doing anything. so fucking demod this loser/moron and get someone who can be a real mod like stacie who wont ban people FOR THE FUN OF IT. hes a fucking liar and hes just being his usual self lying his ass of so dont believe this shit.

  2. okay well for one thing, zack is the one that needs to be demodded. hes a horrible mod. he went on a banning spree (again) and kept banning fishy and nickie. he keeps banning nickie and we have no idea why!! so if anyone’s getting demodded, it should be zack. NOT fishy. fishy’s a good mod!! she doesnt kick or ban ppl for no reason at all. so please r2!! we need your help!!!!!! demod zack!!!!! please!!!! you dont even know now much you have to do it. hes an awful mod and kicks and bans for NO REASON and it just starts fights.

  3. ohh and btw fishy is SuperSummer

    the good mod…(:

    and my sister (:

  4. 7 times banned i will talk to summer if she does not state her clause or is not on she will be asked to be demodded but if she pleads her clause i will let her off with a warning

  5. okay limp i understand that zack’s your frend and thats the only reason you’re defending him. you dont know the real story. really none of us were there, besides ZachChevy, NerdieNickie, SuperSummer, and ImBoredUBored so we shouldnt be demodding anyone unless we have proof and see it with our own eyes. (aka..unless you’re on)

  6. yeah summer was defending herself from being banned, cause in reality this douche bag of a mod banning both of us about oh 30 times, which is much worse then 7. plus itold summer to defend herself so if u demod her dont, demod me. cuz shes not at fault. but really zach should be demodded hes the worst mod in the history of mods and on behalf of stacie me and summer, we all purely hate him. PURE HATE.

  7. did i say i was defending zach no i didnt cus i found out that hes like matt

  8. hey who owns this site zach(it is me madz)


    gettin my new notebook tom w00t

  10. ok! people calm down! now personally i believe nickie but i think we should let r2dp decide so calm down and just be patient! he will get to it!

  11. that sounds like a great idea of monkeybug

  12. What the fuck is wrong with her i think she is making fun of the stupid banning.

  13. okay listen up beberle2 dude. you’ve never been on this chat! ONCE. ONCE!! so you dont know what ‘making fun of’ even means. and nobody uses that term!!!!!!!!!!! and you cant make fun of banning, can you now? and also, you dont know the real story. so dont put your 2 sence in if you dont know what really happened. cuz you obviously didnt hear the full story if you think that.

  14. YEAH THATS RIGHT BEBERLE BOY. u just got told from my home diggity dog stacie. and i thought u were a girl, just to let u know.

  15. and really come on people, wat kind of name is beberle? wouldnt u think thatd be a girl too. im just being realistic here. so theres only one answer to this dilema. he’s….. GAY. i rest my case.

  16. hmm maybe hes bi..or a trans………or or or or a HE SHE. mwahaha.

  17. i have to dissagree with some of that. zach doesnt ban me. im not saying i want her demodded. i just dont think zach should be demodded. summer and dead(aka nickie) pulled some shit over on me so hes just doin it to them.

  18. lol. dead (aka nickie) said she wanted to be demodded. and stacie to pick out your flaws, we can see it with our eyes. thers a picture right there. seeing with ur eyes is not also known as being there. thats plain old being there.

  19. okay jason you dont know the story, and you werent there when the drama started. so keep your 2 lil sence outta it. do fishy and nickie BAN you over and over 50 times to no end for no reason? no. if they kick u, its for a reason. and i know if you ban a mod they can still get back on, but bannings stil worse then kicking no matter wat. zack just deleted all the bans tht he did to fishy, to make it look like fishy was the one doing all tht stuff.

  20. and wat do u mean ‘and stacie to pick out your flaws’ ???

  21. lol. i accually was there. we were making bob a mod. i got him to stop but he must have started again after i left. i did 1 or 2 bans. it was fun. and no they dont kick for a reason. i get kicked and banned randomly all the time.

  22. well for one thing zack, really that banning picture doesnt prove anything. she could of been banning you for reasons. dumbie. so think next time before you try to frame some1. ppl tht frame other ppl r supposed to b SMART!!!

  23. no jason u werent there. that was for the FIRST TIME. oh yeah no one mentioned the first torture.. dont wanna go into details with that. u werent there for the second time, first time was all fun and gakmes for all of u not for me second time was just bad. SO NO U DONT KNOW THE WHOLE STORY!

  24. oh. ill but out then. sorry

  25. might as well just mod Lguitar cus i cant get on bribble for some reason cus everything will show up but not the names and it will just show the rules and then nothing so im gonna take a survey of whos worthy of taking my place in the mods so far
    Lguitar 25%
    Bo_lil_Cenas 25%
    SirJongebo 25%
    Monkeybug22 25%
    so if you want in comment below and ill add your name into one of those question marks
    This ends the end of july

  26. oh good its not the end of july yet…i wanna b a mod!! =] tht wud rock man. i think i’d b a good mod also…limp even said it himself once =]

  27. Hey guys if you get this have R2DP email me I know Macajim,Z3,BLC will remember me

  28. great news im not quitting i will be on if im on my friends computer ill get a laptop for my birthday anyways um pie

  29. then why’d u say you were quitting?!?!?!? u said u were quitting. then u tried to get on and cudnt, u didnt quit bcuz u cudnt get back on. silly pickle head, we know all tht stuff!!




  33. when i get demoded i would want subb,peng or stacie to be in my place their awsome.

  34. ok first of all,R2DP. Zach is the one who needs to be demoded!!! he went on a banning spree and kept banning me and rach!!!! summer is the good mod!!! summer never bans people for no reason and zach is the one who is the worst mod ever!!!

  35. if anyone should be demoded it should be Zach! and if anyone should take his place it should be monkeygirl43!! shes really nice and so is summer! so demode zach and put monkeygirl43 in his place

  36. thanks nickie (: i think i’d be a pretty good mod if i do say so myself..but like i said on all the other posts, i think r2 should demod EVERYONE and just start fresh. once he does that, we can go on from there

  37. ok what the heckk is goinn on?

  38. mmy best friend cookimonstur h8s me beacuse someone has hacked onto her account and banned her for 24 hours can someone help me cuz i havent done itand now shess banned me!my besy my bbestmy frimy end

  39. my best friend cooki monstur has banned me off this super chat cuz she thinks that i have banned her account on cp but it wasnt me someone hacked onto her account and i know who it was but she wont listen help?!

  40. cookimonstur plz forgive me plzzzz

  41. even though i didnt do anything nad plus it was only for an hour u got banned by that bitch hwo banned u anyway!

  42. bribt today and its not cloed!ble isnt cloed i ion

  43. bribble chat isnt closed i wwent on it today and its not cloed

  44. ibble isnt cloed i went on it today and it wsnt closed!

  45. bribble chat isnt closed iwent on it today and it wasnt cloed!

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