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Vote for a CP Tee!

A few months ago Club Penguin started doing a new feature on their Community Blog called “You Decide”, that lets us decide an item in Club Penguin (pin, wig, clothing items, etc). Today we get to vote for our favorite shirt for the August Penguin Style! Check out the three choices below.

you decide t-shirt

I personally, like all of them. But if I had to pick (it would be hard to say but) I would pick the Tux-T.  The Splatter is pretty cool to. CLICK HERE to vote for your favorite.

Speaking of You Decide, I never saw the Pin we picked about a month ago. So I went back in to CP’s Archives and dug up the “You Decide – Summer Pin” post, if you wondering when we will get to see that pin, some time this month.


3 Responses to “Vote for a CP Tee!”

  1. definitly the third one and i cna make faces finaly i know two of them 😦 🙂 those r the only two

  2. : mrgreen : :mrgreen:

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