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Club Penguin Times Issue #195!

Music Jam coming soon, 101 Days Of Fun, Sensei Visits and more! Club Penguin Times Issue #195!

Music Jam Rumors

music jam rumors

There have been many talk of the big music festival, “Music Jam” returning this year and it will be! From July 17 – 26. Were already seeing Penguin’s practice for the Jam at the Pizza Parlor and the Lighthouse Stage! Construction has already started. There has been a rumor of appearnces by the Penguin Band, and Franky the Guitarist is pleased to say they’ll be back! Click Here to check out last years Music Jam!

101 Days of Fun

101 days of fun day36

Day 36: Create a store in your igloo! Pretend you’re the most sucsessful shop-keeper on the island and sell furniture items or pets!

101 days of fun day37

Day 37: Ruby and The Ruby is at the Stage! Go read The Script and then be Jacques Hammer or Ruby all over the island. Ask questions about the missing Ruby!

101 days of fun day38

Day 38: Play Medieval Tag on the Island by dressing in your favorite Medieval-Style outfit and chasing Penguins who say “Roar”!If you have a dragon costume, get knights and princesses to chase you!

101 days of fun day39

Day 39: Head to the Penguin Style Catalog at the Gift Shop. Get 10 friends to pick out a fabulous new outfit, and go the Cove to have a fashion show!

101 days of fun day40

Day 40: Take your Puffle into a game it can help you play. Then walk around the Island with your pet  & let everyone know how awesome your pet is!

101 days of fun day41

Day 41: Go visit 15 Igloos & tell the owners something that you love about their igloo!

101 days of fun day42

Day 42: Take your soccer ball to the Iceberg and start a Dance Party!

Sensei’s Sucsussful Visit – Sensei Interview

sensei sucsessful visit

Sensei visited over the 4th of July and the Club Penguin times is here to talk to him about it!

sensei interview1

sensei interview2

continued sensei interview

If your still not a Ninja yet, keep trying, here’s a few links to help you out: Click Here for help on beating Sensei and Click Here for Ninja Training help!

Ruby & The Ruby

in focus ruby and ruby

The Hit Stage Play. Ruby and The Ruby, will be returning tomorrow! It was and is my favorite play of all time. If you werent around for the first Ruby and The Ruby, check out this link: Click Here to check out the Ruby and The Ruby from last year!

Top Secret

top secret

Solving the Mystery to the Ruby and the Ruby! Very fun play.

solving the mystery

If you really wanna solve the mystery, Click Here!

Word Search

ruby and ruby word search

Ruby and The Ruby Word Search, check it out on page C5!

Upcoming Events

upcoming event1

upcoming event2


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  1. good job macajim 🙂

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