Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Furniture Catalog Secrets

These are the new furniture catalog secrets!

june betters igloos cover

June Better Igloos

june better igloos page1

A new Palm Tree, a rare returned item, and underground ruin items from the Adventure Party?! Sweet!

  • Stone Arch Ruins – 450 Coins
  • Stone Wall Ruins – 450 Coins
  • Stone Column Ruins – 350 Coins
  • Old Penguin Monument – 600 Coins
  • Bamboo Torch – 200 Coins
  • Tropical Palm Tree – 300 Coins

june better igloos page2

  • Bamboo Table – 250 Coins
  • Bamboo Couch – 500 Coins
  • Bamboo Chair – 200 Coins

Well not that many new items but there pretty cool! On with the cheats..

June Better Igloos Cheats

june better igloos cheat1

Not the usual place you’d find this cheat, but click the Fire in the Bamboo Torch for the LCD TV (a hefty 2,500 Coins).

june better igloos cheat2

This is more normal ;] Click the Medieval Banner for the Penguin Knight Sculpture (900 Coins).

june better igloos cheat3

Click there bottom part of the Poodle Plant for the Wheelbarrow (480 Coins).

june better igloos cheat4

Click the right cornstalk for the Picket Fence (100 Coins).

~Macaroni Jim


3 Responses to “Furniture Catalog Secrets”

  1. im surprisd the bamboo furniture and the stone head (rockhoppers item) are back but i still want club penguin to bring back the taget background the camoflauge background the black cape the roman solider helmet and the star neckalace

  2. Hi regneno thanks for the cheats it helps alot!

  3. Hi r2 its me again please go on ur chat bribble 35515 we miss you on there my nickname is pinkster on it so if u see me just say hi or whatever k bye hope you come on!

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