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Laughs…By: The Joker

DJ3K Update

On Friday, their will be an update for the DJ3K game. Members on Club Penguin will be able to purchase music from a special music catalog at the Night Club, which will take them right into the game.


Their is also going to be an update on igloo music for members. Rumor has it around Club Penguin that the yellow puffles are excited for the game update. Since yellow puffles are artistic, they may dance or paint a picture to the song.

4 Responses to “DJ3K Update”

  1. Funny Video:

  2. YAY i got back from the demonic hospital w00t now i can look at this site daily

  3. im speechless ranielle commented on this site a member of cp on this site

  4. hey check out my club penguin cheats at

    P.S love your website

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