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Red Lei Questions

The Following was written by Kingpin2,

Many penguins around Club Penguin have been asking, “Are the red lei’s coming back?”. I’ve been wondering the same thing and decided to investigate. The Adventure Party has shown many signs of a possible release of the red lei. If you check the Night Club, you will see a tiki-penguin wearing a lei:

red lei penguins

Furthermore, I contacted Club Penguin and the Australian president of Disney informed me that the lei is expected to arrive to Club Penguin later this summer.

red lei

If the red lei comes back to Club Penguin, you can expect a lot of summer colors on Club Penguin. You can also expect penguins with lei’s wrapped around their necks. Are you spiked about the future release of the red lei?


4 Responses to “Red Lei Questions”

  1. that sounds awesome i cant wait for that thing to come out i dont have it but yay i cant wait till it comes out i wonder if they will bring back the black cape roman solider helmet and the star neckalace

  2. This is why i quit Club penguin. Thats a rare item that ive got and theyre going to give it out! Whats next? The Pink beanie??

  3. Wow!!!! I would be so happy if the red lei comes back!!!!!

  4. But, my friends and I are making a NEW Club Penguin, maybe you should check it out. And im not one of those guys who goes to every single site advertising…

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