Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

My Question Was Picked!

Macajim here,

I just remembered that last I sent Aunt Arctic a question about why Captain rockhoppers plants weren’t growing and got picked! Here it is!


And here was the answer to my question!




And this is the picture I got!


~Macaroni Jim~


7 Responses to “My Question Was Picked!”

  1. thats so cool macajim! mine’s never gotten picked before i’m so happy yours did! Sorry I havent been around for the past couple days I was busy.

  2. its allright no1 macajim i think we got ourselves a new #1 fan

  3. đŸ˜¡ I’ve seen all of u before so shut it big dog

  4. and im not even CLOSE to a fan 4 u

  5. ok no1 take it easy

  6. lol i thought all their questions are made up. guess im wrong. phew.

  7. Hey mac and tracerbullet. If you can meet me in club penguin tonight at 9:00 PM. It’s ok if you dont.

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