Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Adventure Party Expedition!

Hey Guys Macajim here,

The Adventure Party started today and I’m gonna give you the Expedition Guide! Here it is!

The first Item is a Grey fish and it is in the underground pool.


The next one is kind of a cane looking plant and it’s at the Cove.


The next one is a Turtle and its at the Dock.


The next one is just a regular flower and it’s at the Snow Forts.


The next one is a Whale, your eye on the top left of the screen for this one.


Next one is kind of shaped like a tomato plant and grows like one.


The next one is a Jellyfish, find the the bubble on the bottom right of your screen and click em’.


The next plant is this huge flower with like 60 things comin’ out of it and it’s in the forest.


Your done with the hunt but now for the Prize!


Click that thing…


click on claim prize…VOILA! Then you get my pimped out background.


That’s just the hunt here’s the Non-Member free Item.


And the member free item in the member treeforts. (Treeforts are in the forest)


Well that’s all I need to say other wise explore on your own to find out other thing like the tugboat at the dock or the snowball eating plant in the Tree Fort. Until 1:00 PST…farewell.

~Macaroni Jim~

2 Responses to “Adventure Party Expedition!”

  1. this party is kinda like the water party and camping party mixed together

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