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Club Penguin Times Issue #191

Hey Guys,

Macajim here.

Adventure Party, Fairy Fables, 101 Days Of Fun, Explorers Checklist and more! Club Penguin Times Issue #191.

Adventure Party

adventure party june 12

In this hot summer weather Rockhopper’s Plants have grown significantly since he left a week ago! Penguins all over the island are discovering plants and trees all over Club Penguin. Starting June 12th become an explorer and find hidden ruins, Underground Caves, and more, what will you discover at the Adventure Party?

Latest Fashion Looks

latest looks arrived

A new Clothing Catalog came out June 5th filled with summer wear! Get your latest summer trends at the Gift Shop as the designers have don’t it again with the best fashion on the island! Grab your swim trunks and shades at the Gift Shop now!

101 Days Of Fun

101 days of fun0

Last Thursday was the start of 101 Days Of Fun! Giving penguins a new thing to do and discover around Club Penguin for 101 days! Here’s 7 more things to do through out this week!

101 days of fun day8

Day 8: Try doing things in a completely new way today. Start reading the Club Penguin Times backwards like this – Day backwards its! Luck good!

101 days of fun day9

Day 9: Its the day of the big green parade! Paint your penguin and shade of green and start a parade across the island with 20 other green penguins!

Maybe CP got that idea from my last party?

101 days of fun day10

Day 10: Start finding! Get a group of friends together and have a race to complete the Adventure Hunt. Be the first to spot everything.

Maybe there’s gunna be an Adventure Hunt like the Easter Egg Hunt for the Adventure Party? We’ll find out tomorrow!

101 days of fun day11

Day 11: Find a buddy and go find the plant that eats snowballs. Hint: Throw snowballs at every plant you see until you find it!

101 days of fun day12

Day 12: Prepare for take off at the Beacon of the Lighthouse! Play Jet-Pack Adventure and try flying the whole course without getting any coins and win a huge bonus prize!

101 days of fun day13

Day 13: Attention explorers! Grab your best explorers outfit and uncover the mysterious stone puffle statue. Lead 10 penguins to it calling “This way to the stone puffle!”

101 days of fun day14

Day 14: Its a busy day in the Coffee Shop! Put on your apron and get to work. Serve 10 cups of coffee to thirsty penguins.

In Focus

in focus fairy fables0

In Focus: Fairy Fables!

Top Secret

top secret

Explorers Checklist:

explorers checklist

Keep your eye out for those things at the Adventure Party starting June 12th!

Fairy Fables Word Search

fairy fables word search

Finally a Word Search! Check out the Fairy Fables Word Search on page C5.

Upcoming Events

upcoming events

upcoming events0

~Macaroni Jim~


2 Responses to “Club Penguin Times Issue #191”

  1. wow that was a long post!

  2. I thought u were supposed to have cheats for it 😐

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