Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

101 Days of Fun (Day 5)

Grab your fishing pole because today was the day to catch the BIG mullet fish! I know the riddle was easy but..you know. Ok so first grab your fishing pole with the lime green thing on it so you can catch the grey fish and if you don’t have…GET IT.


To catch the mullet you wait until you see it’s shadow the second time and then catch a fish and leave in the water until the mullet swims by and then it will eat the fish on there and you catch it and get a bonus.


I’ll have to check what tomorrow is and it’s the  last day of school for me so it’ll be longer posts from tomorrow.

~Macaroni Jim~


7 Responses to “101 Days of Fun (Day 5)”

  1. haha you fell lol

  2. and i see youve installed a new progam thing thats awesome macajim your website should be getting more hits now thats schools are getting out

  3. I can be very hot never cold
    I can stop your hunger after you swim
    You can also play ____ in here
    what am i
    Fill in the blank and solve the riddle

    zapiz rpola

  4. hmm… I didn’t think you’d make it to day 5! are you really serious about this? That’s gonna be a lot of work…

  5. heh heh lol no1 ur funny

  6. Macajim ur so freaking lucky 😦
    my last day is the 26th…
    …st00pid brooklyn

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