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101 Days of Fun! (Day 4)

Hey Guys,

Macajim here, today was the 4th day of  101DOF! Today was the BIG cove snowball fight fight with 20 of your friends! Let’s check some scene’s on different servers! I spoke to soon there was no action on any servers accept one I got totally pelted look…

Crystal, at 1:00 PM


Well that’s what was goin down today. Tomorrow is the 5 day and if you haven’t found out what it is here’s a short riddle…

I can be warm, I can be cold

I keep you warm with a fire

When your skiing you sit down here

I have a friend that’s hard in the winter

But wet in the summer.

What am I?

A: kis odlge (unscramble)

~Macaroni Jim~

6 Responses to “101 Days of Fun! (Day 4)”

  1. ha! i figured it out!

  2. Ski Lodge

    It Was EASY dude!

  3. What happened to quitting? Are you back or something?

  4. hey coldfreeze nice to see u again

  5. Ski Lodge and R2DPs rite did u come out retirement (quitting) for the fans of cpf and plus i have a riddle of my own

    I can be very hot never cold
    I can stop your hunger after you swim
    You can also play ____ in here
    what am i
    Fill in the blank and solve the riddle

  6. Ski lodge, challenge us a little! DumA**!

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