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101 Days Of Fun!

Hey Guys Macajim,

For 101 days (now 100) and I’ll be updating you each day. Today was the last day the Sundae Pin was out so you were supposed to find the pin turn blue and put on your Ice Cream apron and lead 25 other penguins to the pin.


Tomorrow you are supposed to go to the ice berg put on your construction helmet get 10 or more of your friends and drill on the iceberg! I hope everyone will have a great time tomorrow! I’ll be on between 12:45 PST-1:15 PST. (that’s PM).


🙂 Have Fun 🙂


3 Responses to “101 Days Of Fun!”

  1. Good To Have You Posting Again

  2. New pin and penguin style catalog today also

  3. New Pin and Penguin Style Catalog today also pin location book room catalog secret canteen click on the rock on page 3

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