Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Go on bribble guys!

This is R2DP. Nowadays I go on bribble everyday and it is really fun to chat and stuff! You should come chat with us at http://chat.bribble.com/35515! I recently changed my bribble username to DrShady. Don’t ask me why, I just thought it sounded cool. also, any mod that doesn’t come on by Friday May 29 will get demodded and someone will take their place.

~R2DP AKA (from now on call me this) Shady


28 Responses to “Go on bribble guys!”

  1. well then ok Shady thts a ok nick name hey add me to the owners list Shady

  2. You can put my widgets on your site! Just go to http://sites.google.com/site/cpwidgetsinc/
    and copy and paste the given code 1 time! It will update automatically, making it much easier for you! That means more time to post about Club Penguin updates that are more important! That also means you won’t ever have to post or find the newest Club Penguin pin!

  3. lol dont add lbs

  4. shut up monkeyass zach why did you take away my membership to wordpress you little ass next time you go on bribble im gonna ban you

  5. lol ur SO nice lbs

  6. I DIDNT

  7. ok can someone plz ban monkeyass ip address for me im getting sick and tired of her callin me Limpbizshit so yea go ahead ban her from this site i dont want to see her comments on here again

  8. i went on yesterday so im not gonna get demodded

  9. lbs lbs lbslbslbslbslbslbslbslbslbslbs
    sorry lbs its NOT happening

  10. monkey go back to your own site and torture ppl there you evil no good witch

  11. monkeyass SHUT THE HELL UP

  12. lol and u think we dont know who “big dog (shit)” is? btw (lbs) ur gonna have to try a lot harder to “scare” me or make me mad lol

  13. Come on guys! You are acting like 2 year olds fighting over a play toy! Sheesh!

  14. ban her from thuis site o monkeyass your mom is fat and ugly and ur website sux monkey crap o wait thats you monkey

  15. lol im not banned lbs and lol r2dp

  16. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY COMP IS BROKEN SO THATS WHY IM NOT GOING ON (on my DSi right now and it cant load bribble)

  17. ok regneno i understand are you gonna get it fixed

  18. after schools done… (june 26) *sniffle* *sniffle*

  19. ok i just wanted to let u guys know that i guess this is goodbye and that i had a really fun time meeting new people and seeing all of my friends again. I cant bear to see all of you quit so this is goodbye (again). But before u start making fun of me and stuff i WILL be watching u.

    I’m gonna miss u guys,


  20. I get out of school on june 9

  21. we will miss you monkey (hides party banner)

  22. lucky… am i still a mod though?

  23. idk regneno you havent came on ever since your computer broke

  24. hi im emo_sams and i love this chat its gr8 some ppl do make fun of u and sometimes ban u but apart from that well, they r all really friendly!

  25. 2:30 pm u mean! lol

  26. u know cooki monstur she i really friendly towars me and other ppl hopefully we will get to know eacother more

  27. *towards* *eachother

  28. btw who banned me?

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