Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


This is R2DP.

I was talking to Zachchevy on bribble and he really wanted to be an author (not admin) on this site so i thought, well we could use some more posting around here so  i let him in.


9 Responses to “Zachchevy”

  1. zach????

  2. give me a chance

  3. should i?
    wait i can answer that myself:
    NO WAY!

  4. look at my first post! Please monkey. im sorry when i was mean to you but please. I just ask that you give me a chance. Thats all.
    ~Zach Chevy~

  5. piss off monkey R2 make me one to or zach give me another admin space for this site add me for the site plz

  6. great the retards back

  7. shut up monkey zach can ban ur IP Address so shut up

  8. lol it didnt work when he tried to ban macajim……

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