Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Sorry :/

hey guys, its BLC. um, for those of you wondering why i havent posted in a while… Ive been terribly sick for the past 2 weeks… i have no idea what it was. hopefully it isn’t the swine flu.
And my dog holly killed one of her puppies while trying to keep it warm… and so it suffocated.
so i have a mix of sickness, and disappointment at the same time. so, expect some posts soon. just not now.


PS. I Am also working on a new video called “PunkBitch” by 3OH!3
drop by youtube to listen to the song… and dont forget to subscribe and watch some of my videos here


5 Responses to “Sorry :/”

  1. im so sorry blc…..

  2. i hope u keep feeling good

  3. wow im so sorry for your loss and if it lasted for two weeks it maybe the Swine Flu idk im not a doctor but still look on the bright side we have Rockhopper comming to club penguin again

  4. I love 3oh!3 btw BLC are we gonna do the cell phone thing or not?

  5. also BLC you should come on chatbox more often BTW i haven’t gone on in a while i am going on right now

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