Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

New Furniture

A new furniture catalog came out and well here are the secrets…

Better igloos

 # 01. ( For the “Penguin Knight Sculpture” ) on page 2, click on the “Medieval Banner”

# 02. ( For the “Wheelbarrow” ) on page 5, click on the bottom of the “Poodle Plant”

 # 03. ( For the “Picket Fence” ) on page 7, click on the corn plant (left one) on the “Vegatble Garden”

# 04. ( For the “Disco Ball” ) on page 14, click on the Red Electric Guitar Case

Also Some cool new books are out…


In Other News: I have a feeling I forgot to say something in this post… comment something I forgot please.

Laterz! – Regneno


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3 Responses to “New Furniture”

  1. ROCKHOPPER IS COMMING GOSH macajim go ahead and add me to the site plz and thank you

  2. the new treehouse igloo

  3. BLC can you add me to the new members list of this site

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