Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Medieval Party!

The awesome party is here! for members you can take the awesome knights quest (sorry nons…) if your a non member then you can’t go in… but luckily I’ll show you inside!

Part 1: 

You’ll start in the first room of ye’s quest. all ye must do in this path is to turneth all the light switches on, brave knight. 

knight quest

(step on all the pads to turn them on duh)

Part 2:

Does ye have a good arm? Well you’ll be needin one brave knight! Throw snowball at 50 targets and then the gateth will openeth.

knight quest

(hit all the targets till the gate opens and don’t forget the sheild duh…)

Part 3:

If ye wants to finish ye’s quest, ye must finish the hard maze of doometh!

knight quest

( beat the maze the directions are, First room go down, second room go left, third room go down, fourth room go right, fifth room go right, sixth room go up, and then your there. don’t forget the golden helmet retard…) 

Part 4:

Now ye’s quest paid off. climb up the pathway of stairs and get ye’s well deserved prize!

knight quest

(walk up the stairs and get the item, wear it and horray your finished… can i leave now? I’m tired for transalting for this retarded hippy talking like this place is a renosans fair.)

Laterz! – Regneno


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17 Responses to “Medieval Party!”

  1. NO! We cant do nicknames for this site it wil always be the same name CPFanatic!

  2. ^ thanks macajim for putting some sense into people! I’m not gonna just FORGET u guys!!!!!!! NO1S EVEN MADE A PAGE IN MEMORY!!! U DO SEE THAT THEY’RE JUST GONNA ALL LIKE PRETEND U WERE NEVER HERE?????????

  3. u shut up limpbizshit

  4. *rolls.eyes* when did u start talking to people here?

  5. and btw i do have a wordpress account dickhead

  6. Hey LBK I’ve got the authority to kick ur ass.

  7. And LBK ur the one without a wordpress

  8. Uh no u cant cuz we hav no spam and all of our spam gets blocked cuz of akismet and u need a wordpress account.

  9. R2DP, if ur fans have to hear this, then fine. why would you hire two out of three CPSS team members and not the other? (me). You are looking like a jerk to everyone by doing that. Sorry im getting so angry, but im very pissed off at the situation. 😡

  10. (continuation of comment) just to make this clear, i was talking about bribble.

  11. i have wordpress account

  12. well guys me and macajim and monkeybug are done fighting

  13. lol ^^ lbs! when did u decide out “fight” was over? lol and r u trying to make be make fun of ur names? omg cant u do ANY better than that?

  14. o yea listening to ur crap come out of ur mouth monkeyshit

  15. thts what i thought u stupid piece of monkey crap and yea i did call everything off macajim didnt ban me wich i dont want him to and now me and him r friend again now shut up and be friends monkeyshit or ur sites gonna be spammed

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