Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Fare well

R2DP here.

Nobody has posted in a while dispite the updates on cp, so I assume BLC is quitting too. I Have added Regneno to our site, but LBK I need you to create a wordpress.com account and tell me the email you used to make it. Also, IDK if this is a good idea, but I’d hate to see me and blc’s friendship just been thrown away because I quit. Also, I have known him long enough to know he isnt some weird creep. But maybe we could stay in contact through txt msgs on our phones. Again I don’t know if it is a good idea, but it’s possible.



21 Responses to “Fare well”

  1. Dude, you may not think he’s a weird creep but there’s always some small chance that he is. Oh and you enable cookies by going to ur settings and then turn the privacy bar down.

  2. yeah but I’ve known him for like a year and have seen him on webcam

  3. yepp. i might be quitting soon. the reason i havent posted was because i wanted to see what everyone else would do and how they post :p

  4. im not gone quite yet though :p
    im quitting March 20th 2010 (my 14th b-day)

  5. and nobody can have my penguin :p
    im leaving it to my little brother

  6. Hey yeah I’m not doing anything with the site anymore so R2DP u can take me off I guess. I’ll still come on cp like once a week to check news and stuff but thats it. And macajim isn’t quitting cp, he’s just quitting the site. idk about r2dp.
    dats all

  7. u might not believe it but im crying

  8. so what do you think about the phone thing BLC should we do that or scratch the idea

  9. crap this whole quit thing is making our hits take a dive into a shithole. Since no one really comes much any more i guess its ok to swear lolz

  10. uh…one thing LBK no one gets my penguin and I’m quitting CP going on once every other week.

  11. i think it would be cool if i did the phone thing. ive also known YOU long enough to know youre not a 40 yr old child predator 😛

  12. ok I sent my # to your email MkyDem@aol.com

  13. what’s wrong with u people asking for the site? Aren’t you like going crazy without macajim r2dp and bolilcenas? I can tell u I am. I’ve been crying for 2 days STRAIGHT

  14. dont worry onkey :p im not gone yet

  15. ok people its time to grow up, the first generations of penguins are moving on, its time the new generation stepped up to take our place, so lets just pass off the site and move on.

  16. I made my last YouTube video yesterday its the maze guide for you guys and if you want to get updates on me just go to my YouTube Channel called MacaroniJim. Cya!

  17. P.S. The video is called Knights Needed!

  18. The video is up!

  19. Ok wtf is the maze macajim? Oh and I’m not gone either I will check our site every day and comment and btw i agree with Tracer it’s time to move on. Also BLC did you get the email?

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