Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Cya guys I quit

R2DP here.

Me and Macajim decided  to quit because cp is getting real stupid, theres not much of a point of playing, I’m tired of wasting my money on things like memberships and bribble. If you guy want bribble to continue, you guys will have to buy one. But do not shut down the site. I will give it away to some worthy penguins like LBK, Regneno, monkeybug idk just tell me


11 Responses to “Cya guys I quit”

  1. Thank You R2DP and Macajim for the memories i will remember u both forever PS if u guys r quitting can i have ur passwords to club penguin and bribble

  2. Hey Please Stay. But if you don’t please consider me for the site. I would like to keep it up and running. You’ve spent a lot of time on it. Email me at zach.chevy@yahoo.com for questions. Thanks for all you’ve done in the past!
    ~Zach Chevy

  3. 😦 can’t you like stay just on like friends? i dont play cp EVER and im still around

  4. Thats not the point it’s more “I spend too much time on the computer when I could be playing catch or something outside”

    Zee Three: Still, she has a great point. and you don’t have to be a member.

  5. yo can u give me a penguin thanx if u say yes

  6. wow… but any way, u should add me now (like as an admin) and ill keep this place updated like cpss… if you want to of course… and, why shu down bribble now if people go on now more than before?

  7. because bribble costs money

  8. 🙂 thanks z but r2dp also u can balance im not on ALL the time if u havent noticed

  9. Shes got another great point.

  10. 🙂 thanx again z

  11. Haha. Join the club. I quit before you 😀

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