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How to unban on bribble

Hey guys its r2dp and i just found out how mods can unban on bribble! Go to http://www.bribble.com/ then just log in with your bribble username and pass and in the port put 35515. Then just login and modify bans.


7 Responses to “How to unban on bribble”

  1. I took my post off. Im bored in real life now. I guess if Iquit Club PEnguin it’s like quiting life…

  2. Would you add me to your blog roll? It’s http://www.rainbow15833.wordpress.com
    by the way, there is a Coin Code Contest going on!


  4. wow u did not know lol

  5. can i talk to u r2 , You got msn anything

  6. u dumb ass if we write u big bitch u will just steal some ones penguin and u freakin son of a bitch loser fuck u mother fucker male stripper whore!!!!!!!!

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