Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

CPfanatic Official Desktop Background



5 Responses to “CPfanatic Official Desktop Background”

  1. it could use a little more work…. no offence though its still good 5.3out of 10

  2. thats really good guys! Nice work! and btw those ppl above me who think it needs more work, let’s see u make one that’s better!
    PeAcE oUt

  3. Nice! it could use just a little tidying up though.

  4. oops i really messed up my name didnt i?

  5. 2010 yay almost 2011 😀 help im thinking of suicide im only 11 hmmm im 11 or im (20)11 lol 2011 world will end in 2012 pass it on

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