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Easter Egg Hunt 2009: Egg Locations.

Hey guys, I couldn’t post yesterday and I’m VERY SORRY. My dog Holly the Yorkie was pregnant and finally had her babies. There are 3 of them, 2 girls 1 boy. Girl1: Luna Girl2:Sylvia boy:Silver.

Egg1: Town, 2nd nightclub light.
Egg2: water at the cove
egg3: Hover your mouse over the entrance to cart surfing at the mine
egg4: that thing near the door above the right puffle in the Dojo courtyard.
egg5: In the gift shop under the fuzzy hat on the clothes rack
egg6: hover your mouse over the door to play ice fishing
egg7: click on the top of the pole at the ski hill
egg8 (final): Go to the beacon and click the switch for the light to make it turn off and take the egg!

Hopefully i helped just a little.

Take a look at my new puppies!


4 Responses to “Easter Egg Hunt 2009: Egg Locations.”

  1. send pics to the email I used in this comment of the puppies…please.

  2. cool i like your site its awsome and nice youtube videos

  3. how old r they?

  4. just a day old. they were born at 9:00 AM

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