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Play Award Winners!

Hey guys tracer here, i hadn’t found a lot of interesting things to post about since the white puffle, but the play winners have been announced so here they are:

Best Play: Quest for The Golden Puffle

Best Set: Quest For The Golden Puffle

Best Costume: Fairy Fables

Best Effects: Quest For The Golden Puffle

Best Music: Quest For The Golden Puffle

QFTGP completely dominated just like slumdog millionaire did in the acadamy awards.  Anyways congrats to Quest for the Golden Puffle for it complete award domination and same to FF who one one of the awards.


9 Responses to “Play Award Winners!”

  1. oops, yeah i did

  2. Can You UNBAN ME and stop ignoring!!!!! Get rid of all these mods that aren’t part of the site, just make them regular members!

  3. Well I just wanna be unbanned and nobody will unban me! And because of ch1pm0nk banning me for no reason everyone is just ignoring my comments. And I’m not John I’m his brother he died remember?

  4. hey r2dp i forgot how 2 take pics i wanted to make i music vid on a game called spineworld (btw if ur gonna go on it im not monkeybug22 on that 1)

  5. aww the super hero one didn’t win nothing

  6. didn’t win nothing?

  7. r2 chek ur email

  8. didn’t win anything. you know what i mean monkeybug

  9. lol srry hey i forgot how to take pics on the computer it has sumthin to do w/ the printscreen
    SysRq button

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