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Monk is back and bribble

Hello CPfanatics

If any of you happen to remember monkeybug22, she is back (also her friend bugmonkey22) and shes really nice and stuff and if you want to talk with her or any of our fans, (also possibly me) go on bribble! there are tons of people that go on these days, so go to http://chat.bribble.com/cpfanatic and just promise me 2 things 1. follow the rules 2.DO NOT ASK ME TO BE A MOD! So far everyone who has came on has asked me to become a mod, you have to prove to me that you would make a good mod, and also my mod spots are full at 10. But don’t worry, eventually a mod will quit (possibly I would fire one doing a bad job). go to http://chat.bribble.com/cpfanatic or click the picture below (or the banner on the side of our site)


9 Responses to “Monk is back and bribble”

  1. hey ther can u email me the awnser for this Q

    i will be verry intrested To be a mod on ther i can get lots more pplz

  2. hello do u kn the mod twii shes banning evreybody for nothing can u plz demod her

  3. Matt you piece of crap i said NO ASKING TO BE A MOD!!! BTW I don’t even know so why would i delete one of my mods for you?

  4. w.e i get more ppl to my chat and u dont]

    ill mod u or make u admin deal or no fuckin deal

  5. mynewcar, please do not swear. And I will pass on becoming a mod on your chat

  6. ok if u become a mod at my chat can i become 1 at urs can we meet as well

  7. no really demod every one… there ae to many mods, most of the time its like one reguler person and like 5 mods, and somebody keeps on banning every one for no reason.

    p.s.: the only mods u should keep are me monk and the cpf staff.

  8. hey im not a mod … yet

  9. i got no tinternet

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