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Club Penguin ST. Patrick’s Day Party

Its that time of year again! Time to dress up in green and waddle around in clover fields! St. Patrick’s Day!
You Can find your Leprechaun hats in the coffee shop

And if you’re a member, you can pick up an Accordion in the leprechaun’s house!

To find the new pin, Follow the rainbow to the Ski Hill!

and if you go to the iceberg, you can see a rainbow!

And if you tell a joke, It will have some stuff to do with leprechauns and St. Patrick’s day.

I Personally think they could have decorated a few more rooms but i like this party!

In other news: CP started construction for the Penguin Play Awards.
And im excited because im turning 13 on March 20th! the day the penguin play awards, New better igloos catalog, and snow sculpting is up!



6 Responses to “Club Penguin ST. Patrick’s Day Party”

  1. whoever made the header it looks good but it needs the cpfanatic symbol

  2. Hey, nice post! also, mine & jc4x4’s new site is back open! I am not sure if you remember it or not, anyways, you can vist it at http://clubpenguinbc.com make sure to comment! thanks!


  3. 1, i agree with LBK30, and 2, (this is to r2dp) can you un-ban Ch1pm0nk of bribble? I don’t know how he got ban. i kicked him, unless i pressed the ban button… ~Z3

  4. Oh, and un-ban fishy

  5. Hey guys it’s Macajim I made a new site for a different game called Pandanda! You can visit at http://pandagang.wordpress.com

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