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St. Patrick’s Day Parade Set-Up?

Hey CPFanatics!

Macajim Here,

I was walking around CP with my new white puffle (Icey) and noticed something in the forest…A BIG TREE STUMP!!! It looks like its one of those Keebler Elf Tree’s  (The tree that the leprechauns cook cookies in). And also I decided to look some more and I found, at the Ski Village and, The Cove was 1 Green Box and 1 Blue Paint Bucket and 1 Green Paint Bucket. Here’s The Pics!


And at the Ski Village…


And at the Cove…


There’s the update on St. Pats Day!

~Macaroni Jim~

P.S. BLC if you wanna put the CP Fanatics thing on there do it!

8) Keep Rockin’ 8)

P.S.S. Here’s some graphic CP Designery


7 Responses to “St. Patrick’s Day Parade Set-Up?”

  1. My puffle is evil and is plotting to freeze the gift shop and the pizza parlor so he can break in and steal all the money

  2. LOL r2dp. And to maca jim: No offence AT ALL TO YOU but, I made a post about this already. I don’t post pics because wordpress is being stupid on my computer, and i don’t want to ruin anything. and i rarely post, and when i post, it’s covered by another one. ~SN/Z3

  3. P.S. Nice pic

  4. its Macajim

  5. Macajim? maca jim? same difference.

  6. Actually theyre elves 😛
    i luvs teh cookiez

  7. Is Anyone Going To Say Happy Birthday To Scout Ninja? Becaus I Am Happy Birthday Scout Ninja!

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