Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Ok guys, (NOT TO R2DP) don’t copy clubpenguin’s posts. It makes you look lazy and as if you don’t care enough to be ob the site. MAKE YOUR OWN POSTS!!!!!!!!!! If we want more hits, don’t copy. And don’t edit the real post to make it look like you made all of it. Ok? also: I’m only going to make posts every once in awhile. You guys seem to get every thing covered, and any posts I make, you make WAY better posts! So I admire your work, just not with copying. So I’ll be watching over posts, comments, and pages. Anything of bad language of anything said to offend others will be taken out. And also pictures, and to do with offending someone, or anything that is inappropriate will be taken out! Ok? ~Scout Ninja

5 Responses to “DON’T COPY”

  1. sure and you missplelled lazy and on

  2. Yes I agree. But one thing is that our viewers are most likely wanting to see posts about CLUB PENGUIN. so try to just put these To admins: posts in comments because we all read them (I think)

  3. lol R2 lol scout settle

  4. lol u guys are stupid

  5. excuse me according to my caculations ur stupid

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