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Breaking news! White puffle: MEMBERS ONLY

As you may know already white puffles are going to be released friday and a question is going aorund, “Members or non-members??”
Members only… sorry non members 😦

catkier007 said

will all penguins be able to get white puffles
March 2, 2009 7:21 PM
Billybob said

Members will be able to adopt white puffles. Waddle on!

~Bo Lil Cenas

8 Responses to “Breaking news! White puffle: MEMBERS ONLY”

  1. now they only need dark blue brown and orange to come out.

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  3. also uhhh r2pd check your emial

  4. Why do you think so? Because all the other 5 are member puffles? Sorry, you don’t know. You have to wait untill tomorrow(Friday)

  5. Thats unfair…I wish i was a member…

  6. ur a weena

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