Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

White Puffle

Hey Guys Tbullet Here!,

The white puffle has been spotted all around Club Penguin, such as  these places: Dojo Courtyard, and the Ski Hill. Also in the news paper the yellow puffle drew a pic of a WHITE Puffle. My question for you is would you buy a white puffle if there was one? I would! The White Puffle is said by many people to be a NINJA PUFFLE, the original was Macajim & BLC who decided this. Heres the drawing of the white puffle the yellow pufflw made!


So obviously the white puffle will have a BLUE tonque. Now here’s the poll for the white puffle!



7 Responses to “White Puffle”

  1. lol u said the white puffle has painted the WHITE PUFFLE

  2. YO! What if the white puffle is for nonmembers to?

  3. you read it wrong actually

  4. Actually i edited it to make it correct :p

  5. is anyone going to post about rockhopper?

  6. hey R2 ill do posts in comments

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