Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Again it comes!

The white puffle is at the Mountan on cp, every 15 or 30 mint, it says “hello” by poping out of a bush. 2 PLACE TOO SEE IT, 1,000,000 MORE OUT THERE!!!!! ~SN

5 Responses to “Again it comes!”

  1. HOLY ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************

  2. its not at the ski hill… i waited there for an hour…


  3. Its at the ski hill but SN use some pics don’t just spaz…PICS!

    SN: WordPress acts odd when I try to post pics.

  4. ^
    good one x3

  5. wow i love puffles i named my white puffle blanc beacuse thats white in spanish

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