Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Puffle Party Rating: 5555555555555555/10

The puffle party… is AMAZING, the cp team has never worked s hard on snowballs! they actually change from snowball to puffle o’ in the secret room at the snow forts! And to a ball at the forest!

Check out the rooms!

This is a place that i really wouldn’t hang out with my friends so much. but if youre looking to have a ‘Ball’ the forest is DEFINITELY the place to go.

If youre feeling happy and want to jump a little rope or chat with your friends, get to the iceberg! this will definitely be your type of room.

the perfect place to meet new people, hang out, and play with your purple puffle is right here in the night club! Grab your purple puffles and dance like you’ve never danced before!

Feeling wacky, playful, and energetic? GET TO THE BEACON! This is definitely the place to play with your green puffles, and you can definitely find a way to have fun there.

if you are feeling very… precise and artistic. Get to the lighthouse! Have a yellow puffle paint you, or watch a play! or maybe even watch a puffle sculpt!

And finally my favorite, the pool! Chillax with your friends and black puffle, skate a little bit. and press the window button and watch the puffles ‘Heat things up’ Definitely the place for you skaters, and street penguins!

Adventurous? Check out the cove!!! The puffle bandannas are back! I feel bad fr the ppl who used a coin code to get it. If youre looking for adventure, this is the place to find it!

i give this party a 100/100 and hope the cp team makes more like this! What are you waiting for? GET ON CLUB PENGUIN AND HAVE FUN!

~Bo Lil Cenas~

3 Responses to “Puffle Party Rating: 5555555555555555/10”

  1. this party is the bomb! cp hasn’t made a party this good i na while! It has so many personalities (I dont kno if i spelt that right) to it! But I wish they came out with a new puffle color… maybe they will because sometimes they extend and add to the party

  2. it’d be cool if there was a hidden room with a new puffle color theme

    if there was an orange white or brown, these would probably be their personalities

    Orange: Mature, Brainy type
    favorite toy: Book, and computer

    White: Slick, sneaky type
    Favorite toy: Night vision goggles, spy equipment

    Brown: Fun, playful type
    Favorite toy: Magic and Magic kit

  3. I bet the orange puffle will first appear in the HQ if so BLC

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