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Quick update on the puffle party

Hey guys, its BLC.
just a little theoryabout the puffle party, im thinking the rooms with the colored boxes are going to be dedicated to the puffle of that color. example, night club with purple box, dedicated to the purple puffle. The bool, black box dedicated to the black puffle. whatever x3 just a reminder my party is tomorrow!
be there!

~Bo Lil Cenas~


10 Responses to “Quick update on the puffle party”

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  2. yo just a quick question. what is the name of the skin on your forum?

  3. Hey guys sorry I havent been commenting/posting im just really getting bored with cp again

  4. dude did you see my comment?

  5. I bet anyone $50 that the pool will be a Skate Park. But on the side or somethin will say Sk8 Park.

  6. Hiii guys

  7. Iceberg: Swimming/jumprope
    pool: skatepark
    Dance club: …Dance club :p
    thats wha i think so far

  8. Hey, if you want more hits on your site. Just reply back and I’ll tell yo how 😉

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