Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Acp is still here!

If you know ACP, they are on mammoth, HELP FIGHT THEM! Ninjas say: “They attacked us for no reason” and “ACP stinks” so ninjas REALLY don’t like them them. (Well now we might have 1 ally)~Scout Ninja

16 Responses to “Acp is still here!”

  1. hey ppl listen some of you dont know me check out my about me comment on about the cpfanatic staff anyways im starting a new army and im the leader its called The OCP Orange County Penguins the outfit will be member the spikester threads hiking boots green bandanna goalie hockey stick and red sunglasses non member music jam t shirt any type of shoes anything for hands anything for head and face

  2. Hey,
    great post!
    Please visit my website ( http://cheatingpenguinscp.com )
    and enter my contest the prize for first place is really big!

  3. guys listen i need your help im in big trouble the acp is trying to shoot me because i left the gang and that means im no longer with them (Gets Attacked By ACP)

  4. If You Want To See Your Friend Again I Suggest You Surrender To Both Me And The ACP If You Dont We Will Kill Road Warrior Limpbizkit30 And The Nachos And Your Pie

    Scout Ninja: KILL MY PIE?!?!?!?!? D** YOU!!!!!!!

  5. Scout Ninja You Have 2 Days To Give Me Your Answer Road Warrior Limpbikit30 Is Being Held In A Camp His Number Is 7465 Cell Block Number 30

  6. acp sucks but NACHOS rule =pppp

  7. ummm thats not the rule ACP thats the noob acp xat.com/TheACP if you go there during American day time and u talk about attacking them they might laugh at u or guest and ban u and call u a noob so urnt talkin bout the real ACP just the n00b rogues on Mammoth

  8. Hey guys get on ur chat!

  9. im waiting for u

  10. Dear ACP leader,
    (none of this is to offend you LBK30) But I don’t give a d**! I MEAN I FELL FOR THAT STUFF IN 1ST GRADE!!!! I’M IN 6TH!!!!

  11. (breaks free of acp grabs machine gun shoots every solider gets in tank blows up acp and leader) IM FREED AT LAST thanks to this awesome tank im gonna decorate it


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