Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

My puffles must LOVE me

lol… i set up 75% of my igloo for them, the section near the door is puffle town, and the part on the other side of the wall is puffle jungle 😛

i’m so happy that this week is the puffle party! AND i have a whole week off for mid-winder break! I might go to jersey on tuesday, and i have 46 pages of math to do (Algebra=BLEH) A book report, and a spanish project (even more BLEH) so i may not post so much.
~Bo Lil Cenas~


8 Responses to “My puffles must LOVE me”

  1. Cool Post!

    comment back plz, it would be nice

    Also have a wonderful Valentines Day!

    my site is http://www.victorinocp.wordpress.com

  2. hahahaha lol homework stinks i know

  3. I Got It!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was routing through some old and homework from 3rd Grade and found a Emperor Penguin Report. And theres a huddles that they have called “ROOKERIES” so we could call our site cprookery.com or clubpenguinrookery.com
    or last thebigrookery.com . you like? I like.

  4. Ok The Play Is Fake Bootleg Left QB Sweep To The Left

  5. Hey R2DP and BLC check the Posts on the “edit” thing

  6. Hey how about making Clubpenguincheatsblog.com your domain or

  7. you make party soon?

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