Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Puffle Playland!

Hey CPfanatics!
Today your puffles will be playing more! the best part is, if they are hungry, and you have a food bowl, They’ll eat from it! If they are tired, set a bed out and watch them take a nap!
check out my igloo’s section, dedicated to ALL of my puffles!

I own 2 of each puffle, and 2 of each beds for them :p
This new feature is actually pretty cute o-o
so watch your puffles PLAY!

Anyway, there is construction going on for the puffle party! in the town, you can climb the ladders!

And the new play is out (back for like, the 4th time -.-)
Check it out (like what we dont know what to expect :p)

In other news: I started that wizard game too, my name is Wolf Moonshard. if you catch me online, be sure to drop me a friend request!

~Bo Lil Cenas~


14 Responses to “Puffle Playland!”

  1. help me celebrate my penguin 590th birthday

    When Today
    Time 4:00 not cp time
    Server Any Of The Top Servers
    Why 590th birthday

    hope you all can come

  2. how is puffle on bed?
    make puffleland party?

  3. The puffle only goes to the bed if you put it to sleep, and plays with its toys randomly

  4. why wont mine play

  5. y wont my puffles do anything with the puffle furniture

  6. hey R2 get some puffle igloos they will sleep in them

  7. How do u make ur puffle sleep in there beds!!! 😦 Plz help

  8. I know how to make the puffles play
    you need to feed puffle, play with it, or make it sleep



    BLC: We are?? 😮 cool 😛

  10. lol nice igloo!
    hey i have a request, can you do a wordpress credit contest sometimes, when you have time? cuz my parent wont let me pay online.


  11. sry, can i say that again…. I just brought a mix n match toy and I just wanna know if you want to trade me it with some wordpress credits? all the prove is on my recent post

  12. More like the 2nd time. They release old plays out for new members to get the clothing. Like me.

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