Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

domain names password protected

why i password protected it is so people cant take the domain before us. so admins, check the drafts for the password

BTW, me and cpexclusive worked it out, and he is prob still mad at me for saying he is scum but i edited it out. I still think that they took the domain because the saw it on our site, but all is forgiven


8 Responses to “domain names password protected”

  1. Scum??? Wow kid your funny. I reported you and explain that I got this domain way before that post. Sooo good luck with this rubbish site….

  2. *cough* Cpfantic is soooo jealous, seriously dude, I made that domain ages ago. When did you post your made up, lie of a post??? HUH

  3. OK man thats cool u got aim?

  4. If so add cpcrazyness

  5. Your author/admin cussed at me….

  6. shut up and get off the site before i find you

  7. piplook
    like i would tell you

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