Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Pink Panther 2

Hello CPfanatics

Macajim and I (R2DP) just went to the movie pink panther 2! It was really funny and I decided to make this funny pic!



9 Responses to “Pink Panther 2”

  1. hamburger! lol what do you think of my funny pic?

  2. i think its awesome you should make a mall cop funny pic

  3. wow that is way gay not to be mean

  4. hey u and macajim are neighbors

  5. How can you say somethings gay without trying to be mean? seriously

  6. i am really sad because my buddy green greens got banned forever help me unban him by sending emails to club penguin to unban him

  7. LOL
    plz make more funny pic 😀

  8. blc did you forget about the domain

  9. LOL! i just noticed on the portugese servers the member badge looks like it says assasinater or something

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