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Music video sneak peek

Hello CPfanatics

I’m working on a music video that hopefully, will blow your pants off. It’s going to be made a little differently than normal, and will take a few days to make. I’m not gonna say what the music vid is, but it’s gonna be a song by Aerosmith. Heres a sneak peak of my music video. If you want to see my other music vids, go to the music videos page or my utube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/cpfanaticwordpress


4 Responses to “Music video sneak peek”

  1. Hey how are ya fellow penguin?

    You have a incredible site here!!! 😀 I really like the way you post and I am making this one of my stops to see new Club Penguin updates 😉

    Please could you comment back on my newest post:


    Thanks for your time!

    -Club Penguin Exclusive aka Ajinator 🙂

  2. Looks GREAT so far! ive been working on 4 music vids since the beginning of FEB :p

  3. what time and what day and where cus i want to be in it

  4. you should do ozzy osbourne crazy train

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