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February 09 Clothing Catalog Cheats

Hello CPfanatics

Wow. They really did go back to the basics. I’m a little disappointed that my favorite hoodies and baseball caps were in this catalog, but ill live. Well, they said they would be going back to the basics and stuff so lets begin

Guys, im really sorry but i dont have any time to write this post. if someone else could edit it and finish it up it would be helpfull. The secrets links are








And this last one is just for when I say, there are some new backgrounds! then I have this pic


Just go into the link and copy and paste into this post. I have school so if any other admin on our site isnt at school, could u do it 4 me?



One Response to “February 09 Clothing Catalog Cheats”

  1. ive bought everything allready ps thnx for making me a mod on bribble

    Black Sunshine

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