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CP’s reply to my Jaden suggestion

ME: Hey CP team! I came up with a wicked idea a few days ago for a party. We all
know how cadence is a DJ and listens to pop, Hip-Hop, etc. i thought up
cadence’s rocker brother Jaden! I made a drawing earlier. I think maybe to go
along with him we have a new game at the lighthouse’s stage called “Battle Of
The Bands” In this game, it is a lot like cadences dance contest. Except you
choose your instrument, you have a choice of a acoustic guitar, electric
Base guitar, Drums, and Keyboard. the notes would still be the arrow keys,
and you can select multiplayer mode and choose with a buddy, WASD mode (where
you use the arrow keys and a friend uses the “W,A,S, and D” keys), or
multiplayer where you play with random people. And the higher the note combo
hit, the more colorful the spotlight gets, and the crazier the crowd goes.
and you also have a meter that indicates the crowds happiness, if the meter drops
to red, the crowd leaves and the game ends. if you meet jaden, he hands out a
background with him and a guitar next to you. i hope this idea gets used!!

~Bo Lil Cenas~

CP Team: Hi there,

You sure are a creative penguin! A battle of the bands contest in the Lighthouse
is a great idea! Jaden sounds like he would be a great addition to the Club Penguin team. I will be more than happy to pass it on for consideration. If you have any other great ideas, questions or concerns regarding our site,
please let us know.

Kind regards,

Club Penguin Support

Sounds like they really like jaden! I hope he is added soon!
~Bo Lil Cenas~


One Response to “CP’s reply to my Jaden suggestion”

  1. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope Jaden comes to CP

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