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Jaden idea…..

Remember the post BLC made a few days ago? Well I decided to email cp and tell them about the idea! Heres how they responded. Heres what I said


I have an idea for club penguin! What if Cadence had a rocker brother and there was a game that was like the game Guitar hero! I told all my friends and they said it would be really cool! So could you submit this suggestion to the game designers?




Hi R2DP,

I think your idea is awesome.  Many penguins would probably enjoy playing a Guitar Hero-like game, especially if Cadence\’s brother hosted it!  What do you think her brother\’s name would be and what would he look like?  All penguin ideas are appreciated and considered, so keep up the great work.

Best regards,

Club Penguin Support


I think he should be named Jaden and I’m not so sure what he should look like, but my friend Bo Lil Cenas drew a picture of what he thought Jaden should look like for our club penguin fan site, and its in the attachments.

And if you didn’t see BLC’s pic of jaden, then here it is



3 Responses to “Jaden idea…..”

  1. CP really likes the idea! let us know what you think of jaden!

  2. hey pls add me to your blogroll


    Visit it or feel the powuh

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